Orbital drop infectious remix of Energy 52’s iconic ‘Cafe Del Mar’: Listen

Legendary UK duo Orbital have re-envisioned Energy 52’s classic hit, ‘Cafe Del Mar’ with their distinctive new remix.

No strangers to a massive release, English electronic outfit Orbital have tackled Energy 52‘s ‘Cafe Del Mar’ with great aplomb, with their latest remix of the track. One of the most iconic tracks in dance music history, the original trance record was released in 1993 by German DJs Kid Paul and Cosmic Baby, and has since become synonymous with the euphoric, sun-soaked vibe of Ibiza’s dance culture. Brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll stay true to those themes within their latest offering, adding in their signature flavours to a familiar and uplifting melodic mix.

Orbital’s incredible remix is an ode to the golden age of rave, shining focus on old-school lead synths and the nostalgic break-beat drum arrangements that hit throughout. While they add their own unique twists, they have also done well to preserve the iconic, hair-raising moments that have have made the track a staple in the sets of DJs worldwide.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the mind-bending new Orbital remix of Energy 52′s classic hit, ‘Cafe Del Mar’ below! If that wasn’t enough, the full remix pack also includes a remix from Kompakt founder Michael Mayer which was released last month for our enjoyment.

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