Courtesy’s Kulør label to release book on Copenhagen with photographer Daniel Hjorth

Courtesy’s Kulør label has collaborated with Danish artist and photographer Daniel Hjorth to produce a photobook on Copenhagen. 

Leben, the first book on Kulør, is set to be released on 28th January. In an Instagram post Courtesy describes the book as, “a delicate portrait of an ever changing Copenhagen over several years, juxtaposing scenes of large-scale urban development with the poetic and mundane moments of daily life in the city.” 

The book was produced in collaboration with Copenhagen-based studio Spine, who are also responsible for the graphic design on Kulør’s vinyl. It will also feature a foreword by Danish art critic Jeppe Ugelvig, and a work of fiction by writer Lea Marie Løppenthin

Courtesy’s Instagram post continues, “I first met [Daniel] in 2018 when he shot me for a magazine feature and it was the first time I met a photographer who worked so diligently as an artist. We spoke at length about his work and I learned of the synergies between what making a book means to him as a photographer and the way I think about records. 

“When I founded Kulør shortly after it was a natural decision to invite Daniel to release a book with us and over the last four years it’s been such a privilege to watch his hard work manifest into this outstanding artist monograph.”

You can preorder Leben here.

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