Darude returns with ‘Together’, his first album in 8 years: Listen

Darude, arguably one of the greatest Scandinavian producers, has returned to the airwaves with Together, his first album since Moments which was released in 2015.

You know what they say. Form is temporary, class is permanent. Darude perfectly embodies this saying. After 4 years of musical silence, the Finnish producer came back in style with Together, an album that flawlessly describes his incredible attention to detail and passionate approach to writing music. Its 12 tracks each tell a different story and present a different style. After numerous years in the industry, Darude proves yet again that he’s here to stay.

12 singles of Together feature some exceptional vocal performances from artists such as Gid SedgwickEvan Henzi, and more. Gid is the most recognizable one here. He is well known in the trance scene, providing his voice for the likes of former Dash Berlin frontman Jeffrey SutoriusIlan Bluestone, and Talla 2XLC. Each and every one of the vocalists present in Together brings something new to the table, whether it’s the tone, the distinct voice, or creative songwriting. The instrumentals are crisp and delightful to listen to, ranging from trance to electro-house. Darude has made sure that every single listener has something to liken to, whether it’s listening at home or banging out loud in the car. Together has everything.

As artists usually do when they release an album, Darude embarked on his Together tour in his native Finland. It started last Friday in Tampere on the album’s release day. The legendary DJ/producer will also visit Joensuu, Rauma, Oulu, and a couple more Finnish cities. You can check the rest of the tour dates over on his website. The second part of his tour will be announced soon. The album is out via Darude’s own imprint Vibing Out and you can listen to it on all the biggest streaming platforms and as always, down below.

Image Credit: Darude (Press)

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