Dave pays tribute to Jamal Edwards during London show

The rapper paid his respects to the late Jamal Edwards at his gig in London last night (28 February).

“Jamal Edwards is the reason I’m standing in front of you guys today,” the former Crack Magazine cover star told fans mid-set during the first of two O2 Arena shows this week. “There’s so many different emotions that all of us feel – all of us that were so connected to him in so many different ways.”

“We all have a different experience to him, but we all have so many things in common with the experience,” he added. “He’s one person in the world that just wanted to help, that just wanted to see every single person that he touched shine.”

Dave also detailed his first encounter with Edwards and the impact the meeting had on him. “Jamal Edwards met me when I was going to Richmond College,” he said. “He gave me an opportunity when no-one would. I did not have the money to pay for videos. Jamal Edwards done it for free out of the love and kindness of his heart.”

“Every single thing that I have today – we have today – we owe to Jamal Edwards… I want to say I’m so, so, so grateful for you, brother. Jamal, I love you, I love you, I love you.”

Jamal Edwards, the pioneering music entrepreneur and founder of SB.TV, died on 20 February. He was 31 years old.

In the wake of his passing, we spoke to a selection of artists who connected with Edwards via SB.TV. They reflected on their time spent shooting with the late music mogul, and paid their respects. Read the feature here.

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