Dean The Dream Resuscitates Rock Music With LP Hitchin’ It To Heaven  & Music Video “Goodbye, Danny”

If we had to choose an artist who has been dedicating himself to resuscitating rock music in 2022, Dean The Dream would certainly be among the few who has brilliantly mastered the challenge. 

Dean the Dream, the musical project of Detroit-born poet Brendan Alpiner, is releasing a latest album titled Hitchin’ It To Heaven, as well as a powerful music video for the album’s lead single “Goodbye, Danny.” As all great artists, one of Dean The Dream’s main concerts when it comes to recording an album or song is the sound. This quest has led him to work with some of the most prestigious producers and engineers, who have worked with The Rolling Stones and The Arctic Monkeys. 

Through an original fusion of sounds, genres, and styles spanning over 70’s psychedelia, blues, grunge and rock ‘n roll and alternative, he takes listeners on a revolutionary journey in which meaning meets sound in its most divine form. 

After the album Pink Sun, released in 2021, Hitchin’ It To Heaven is Dean The Dream’s latest masterful collection of songs that every rock music lover on the planet should stream at least once in their lives.  

Hitchin’ It To Heaven:

“Goodbye, Danny”:

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