DEMUR Goes Dark in 'Keep Me Safe' [Watch]

DEMUR captures the dark disposition of the fall season with his bass-fueled, dystopian-drenched single “Keep Me Safe.” The song follows up “Be With Me,” the first single teasing his upcoming album. Now the sophomore single is stealing the limelight and for all the right reasons. It features a bit more of a cinematic and melodic disposition, the theatrical aspects being well-pronounced as it layers atop the stretched bass structure DEMUR fans will be familiar with. Creepy feminine vocals statically present themselves in a rhythmic fashion, gassing up the imaginative aspects that DEMUR intentionally wanted to deliver.

Music is something that is uniquely human, an art form that ponders and explores what it is to be alive. DEMUR has dedicated himself to uncompromising creativity in the pursuit of a distinctly dynamic sound that examines and capitalizes on some of humanity’s most primal desires. Growing up in Miami, Florida, DEMUR discovered his love for music at a young age. It was in Kindergarten where DEMUR first learned to play the piano, performing Beethoven’s 9th symphony for a recital. DEMUR attributes his initial love for music to his piano teacher, falling even deeper in love over his high school years where he would DJ for various house parties.

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