DJ equipment is more expensive and in short supply, new report finds

Due to a number of significant developments over the past 18 months, DJ equipment is proving harder to get, and is costing more. That’s the findings of DJ Tech Tools’ latest report in which they outlined why DJ kit’s supply chains have been affected by a perfect storm of chip shortages, component and labour price increases, the return to live events and more. 

As both a distributor of third party DJ equipment on their own store and a creator of custom DJ controllers, DJ Tech Tools has seen the issue from all sides and has explained why the DJ community has found itself in this situation. One of the biggest issues is a global chip shortage, which has been widely reported as the cause of delays across multiple industries including car manufacturing, graphics cards and videogame consoles. 

DJ kit isn’t exempt and according to a report by MI SalesTrak, the retail sales tracking program for musical instruments, “Higher costs of shipping and component parts have contributed to higher selling prices. Fifteen of our twenty reported product categories have seen substantial increases in average selling price versus a year ago.” 

You can read the report on DJ Tech Tools. The main conclusion is, if you’re looking to buy DJ kit anytime soon, order as soon as possible and expect delays.

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