DJ Mag Partners with Snapchat to present David Guetta in AR

DJ Mag and Snapchat have joined forces to present David Guetta in Augmented Reality (AR), to celebrate his Top 100 DJs win.

The innovative partnership with Snapchat, saw us create two exclusive Snapchat. The first – a Landmarker Lens, creates a special moment in Amsterdam, the city that has been home to Top 100 DJs since 2011.

Launched exclusively during the awards show, the Lens reveals the No.1 DJ in augmented reality on Amsterdam’s iconic Royal Palace, turning the building into a speaker-covered stage set with David Guetta performing on top.

The second – a globally available Sky Lens projects David Guetta into the sky using Snapchat’s augmented reality technology. Snapchat users can bring the No.1 DJ experience to their phones by opening up the Snapchat camera and selecting the sky Lens on the carousel or scanning the snapcodes below.

DJ In the Sky (Available Globally)


Landmarker Lens (Available only in Dam Square, Amterdam until Saturday 14th November 2020)

Top 100 DJs 2020 champion David Guetta, said on the partnership: “I can’t believe I’ve been crowned No.1 for the second time, and it feels even more special this time. It’s been a very weird year for all of us but I’m glad we’ve been able to bring some love and joy into these dark times. It’s initiatives like these that make me proud to be a part of this industry. Despite being confined in our homes we’ve managed to make people dance worldwide and partnering with Snapchat for this special lens is a perfect example of how everyone has been keeping the world entertained throughout this year. The lack of support from the governments towards our industry is shameful, and action needs to be taken now, but we’ve also proven that nothing can stop us from reinventing ourselves and from constantly innovating our creativity.”

Try out our exclusive Snapchat Lenses by scanning the snapcode above or following this link on your phone.

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