Donald Glover says Atlanta season four is “even better” than three

Donald Glover spoke about the fourth and final season of Atlanta in a new piece for Interview Magazine.

The Atlanta star interviewed himself for a new feature published online yesterday (7 April). During the interview, the actor and musician said on Atlanta: “Season three is really good, but season four is even better. Me and Hiro [Murai] talk about it a lot. I’m not saying this to be pompous. I’m saying that because we deserve it.”

He described the final season as “high-end shit”. Comparing the series to food, he added: “I’m saying Atlanta is osso buco served with risotto, prepared by a chef who studied in New York City, spent five years on the road, worked at a Michelin star spot for three years, and used the money to buy a small farm. He invites you over to try out some recipes he’s been working on with his friends using the produce they grew together. Even if you don’t like it, you can’t say it’s not high quality. The quality is undeniable.”

After a four-year hiatus, Atlanta is back with its third season this year. The first two episodes – named Three Slaps and Sinterklaas is Coming to Town – premiered in the US on 24 March. The fourth episode, titled The Big Payback, aired yesterday (7 April) via FX. The third season is set to come to Disney+, though an official date is yet to be announced.

The hit series was officially renewed for a fourth season in February. “After a four year absence, we’re graced with the return of Atlanta,” FX Chairman John Landgraf said in a statement. “Donald Glover and his team have shot the final two seasons of the series.”

Aside from Atlanta, Glover is set to star in Amazon’s Mr & Mrs Smith series. Phoebe Waller-Bridge was cast alongside the actor, but exited the series in September 2021. Glover cited “creative differences” as the reason behind her departure, and Maya Erskine has since been cast opposite Glover. In the new interview the actor said, “I really love the show. I’m writing the finale now.”

Glover also revealed that he’s been working on new music. “I’ve been rapping a lot,” he said. “Producing. It’s fun again. Doing features.” On the subject of musical collaborations, he added: “I did one that I don’t think is gonna come out. I think the artist, or the artist’s management, thinks the verse is too controversial.”

Furthermore, the actor announced that he’s working on a new project with Dominique Fishback, Damson Idris and Chloe Bailey. Elsewhere in the article, he touched upon Euphoria, stating that Zendaya should leave filmmaker Sam Levinson and “come to Death Row [Records]”. He also called his 2013 album, Because the Internet, the “rap OK Computer”.

Watch the trailer for Atlanta season three below.

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