Drifting in Silence & Tineidae announce new collaborative album “Simulation”

“Simulation” welcomes the glitch in swarms. A masterful collaboration with Polish artist Tineidae, Drifting In Silence steers ambient into a stark, industrial area with this release. The massive, smooth pads intertwine with deft, vibrant percussion to evoke the likes of Vangelis, Coil, and Aphex Twin in the same thought. Drifting In Silence and Tineidae gather up these influences and launch them forward to generate an enchanting new territory of sound. “Simulation” is set to release on September 23rd, 2022. Digital, CD, and Vinyl copies are available. The vinyl is expected to arrive towards the end of the year in December. You can purchase your copy HERE
“Simulation” centers around the concept of our world as a simulation; that life is a simulation all the way down. It’s the intriguing subject of numerous science fiction media such as Blade Runner, The Matrix, etc. Just as we simulate our world through movies, video games, and virtual reality, someone or something may be doing the same to simulate our existence. In wrestling with this all too possible theory, one wonders whether life as a simulation is beautiful or terrifying, an impetus for total freedom or utter nihilism.
The album shifts to and from dense, mechanical soundscapes as heard in Simulation, Pt. 1 and Simulation, Pt. 2 to more open and optimistic atmospheres such as in Inflaton. Keeping with the nature of its concept, “Simulation” is at times eerie and at other times a rapturous, limitless space for imagination. Throughout the sonic adventure, a feeling of digital euphoria inspires the journeyman to keep moving forward and grasp an understanding of the universe.
In crafting this remarkable journey, Derrick Stembridge and Pavlo Storonskyi (the simulators of sound behind Drifting In Silence and Tineidae, respectively) flex new and old strengths, fusing each other’s signature sounds to create powerful, impactful work. “Simulation” has been produced, mixed, and recorded by Derrick Stembridge and Pavlo Storonskyi at Octagon Studios and The Kids Room, with Rafael Anon Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio behind the mastering. Art and design was done by Michal Karcz at Dream Carvar Studio. 
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