EDM Maniac Launches Merch Brand, “Certified Maniac”

When it comes to dance music, only a few are a Certified Maniac.

There are those who love the genre, and those who eat, sleep, breathe, and crave the pounding beat, dark warehouses, and community of those who can’t help but move their bodies.

That’s why we created Certified Maniac, a place where normal is boring and you can express yourself as a true Maniac.

This merch brand encompasses all the things you love from EDM Maniac and MANIAC BLACK with the extra touches that feed your soul: Travel Maniac, Food Maniac, and Festival Maniac.

To kick off the new merch line, we’ve launched our very first drop, the “I’M LITERALLY JUST A RAVE GIRL” shirt, so you can let everyone know exactly who you are.

Be on the lookout for future drops of in-house designed pieces perfect to show off the Maniac in you, and use the Certified Maniac Discount Code “MANIAC” to save money on your future purchases.




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