EDM Maniac’s Ultimate Guide To Beyond Wonderland 2024

Beyond Wonderland is a Southern California staple that is a wonderland dream for many US ravers.

One of our longest-attended festivals at EDM Maniac, we have an extended history with Beyond with our founder even going to one of the very first Beyond Wonderlands at the NOS Events Center.

But for those who are from out of town or have simply never attended Beyond, it can be an overwhelmingly incredible experience. Much like Alice going down the rabbit hole, you can get lost and confused if you’re not prepared.

But your friends at EDM Maniac have come up with a comprehensive guide to help you on your journey to attend your first Beyond Wonderland.

Where To Stay

There are many hotels that ravers stay at for events at the NOS, but none of them are safe to walk to.

The best hotels are located in the Ontario area which is about a 20-minute drive without traffic or up to an hour with traffic. Insomniac has partnered with many hotels in this area to offer special rates just for ravers.

Traffic can be terrible getting to the venue so be sure to leave plenty of time between your favorite set and when you leave.

You can also stay in any of the surrounding counties like Riverside, Fontana, or Rancho Cucamonga, but the closer you get to San Bernardino the more expensive the hotel will be.

How To Get Around

There are plenty of ways to get around with the obvious simply being to drive. Refuse the pregaming and be the DD for the simplest way to and from the venue.

But be very wary, car break-ins are rampant at the NOS. Your safest bet is parking at one of the official Insomniac lots which has security and is guaranteed to not have your car towed, especially with the afterparties going into late in the night.

If you want to park close, purchase a preferred parking pass that gets you access to the closest lots although it does fill up later in the day.

You can still park at the furthest lots and save your feet from walking with special free shuttles from the lot to the venue.

Speaking of shuttles, there are also shuttles that will take you from all around the region directly to the event center. These include the popular Ontario Hotel Shuttle, Downtown LA/USC Shuttle, OC City Shuttle, and the brand-new Riverside Downtown Shuttle.

These do cost an extra fee and the lines can get long so be sure to leave the hotel early.

Another option to simplify your travel to Beyond is taking the Metrolink. Metrolink will run special post-event trains out of San Bernardino during the early hours of March 23 and 24.

These later trains will depart the San Bernardino-Downtown station at 2:45AM each night after the festival, stopping at Rancho Cucamonga, Montclair, Claremont, Covina, and Cal State LA before ending at LA Union Station.

This can be a cheaper option if you choose to stay outside of San Bernardino with an Insomniac weekend train pass available for $20 exclusively on the Metrolink mobile app. The walk from the Metrolink station in San Bernardino is less than a mile and relatively safe if you stick with a group.

Be Safe

The main mistake newbies make when heading to the NOS is not securing their things. Theft is all over Southern California festivals and this venue is one of the most infamous.

Please (I repeat, please) secure your phone with a clutch loop or some equivalent and make sure to keep your valuables stored away. Theft-proof bags are recommended or some sort of bag lock as the area gets packed and it’s difficult to feel if someone is rummaging through your items.

Do not bring anything you don’t want stolen and make sure your fanny pack is tight against your chest with an inside zipper for extra safety.

Earplugs are also highly recommended, especially in Sea of Wonder on the Drum & Bass day. It gets very loud with the insane production and you want to protect your ears. 

And finally, pay no attention to the protesters. They’re not PLUR and they don’t know you. 

The Venue

Despite all the buzz, the NOS Event Center proves time and time again why we return with incredible production and tons of interactive elements. 

Make sure you go early to experience the art installations and get some great photos with the cloud swings, inflatable mushrooms, tea cups, and more.

You will see characters walking around so don’t be afraid to say hi or use them for outfit inspo. Many ravers dress up as whimsical creatures from Alice in Wonderland to really dive into the theme.

The NOS does have a wide footprint that can be difficult to maneuver with many attendees all walking from stage to stage so leave extra time walking from set to set.

A tip is to sit in the bleachers behind Mad Hatters Castle for a break or a full stage view of your favorite artist. But everyone else might have the same idea as it does get packed during headliners.

Don’t be afraid to explore a stage you might not normally go to. Beyond Wonderland has special stages for the often-forgotten genres of hardstyle, techno, trance, and even a Drum & Bass takeover. You may discover your next musical obsession.

All images credit Beyond Wonderland and Insomniac Events




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