Esoterik – Phosphorous

After listening to music for a good decade or more within our humble dark electronic scene, one of the greatest sensations I have is turning up the volume when listening to a song. It starts off like this: I get a random e-mail from a band or artist, and I click the play button after I clicked on their streaming link or downloading the single. I always go into songs unbiased with a stoic face; I expect nothing. If a song is able to sink its teeth into me with locked jaws, then I find myself pressing the volume up button on my keyboard. Sure, this might lead to me being a tad-bit deaf when I get older, but as of right now it’s a sign that I’m listening to a damned good piece of music. This is the exact sensation I got as I first listened to Esoterik’s “Phosphorous”. 

Lovingly dubbed a pagan-synth duo by one of their fans, US-based Esoterik is a dark pop project that was found in 2013. Comprised of Allison Eckfeldt and Brady Bledsoe, the duo have been patiently working on their upcoming 2022 album “Alchemy” which is set to set fire to the world in Spring of 2022 on Trisol Music Group. But they aren’t putting out nothing; no, Esoterik has gone ahead and decided to show the world what they have in store for us in 2022 with their brand-new EP “Phosphorous”. Containing one title-track and two remixes, this pagan-synth, dark pop project will surely become a talking point amongst many when their album drops. 

‘Phosphorous’ has the makings of a synthpop song with sweeping drum pads and atmospheric backing synths. However, Eckfeldt’s howling vocals called into mind Ann Wilson of Heart; it’s as if she should be in an entirely different genre but here she is dominating in her chosen field. The production on the music is phenomenal as well; listening to the crisp .WAV files through my studio headphones I could not find a dent in sound design. It’s powerful and evocative single that comes to an orgasmic crescendo during its brilliant, dual-vocal chorus sections. Everything about it has kickstarted my musical journey in 2022 to a swell start. Two remixes come attached to the single from Leaether Strip and Solanum Xanti. Though both offer a different twist on the song, Leaether Strip offering a stompier bout and Solanum Xanti offering an electrorock flavoring, neither could beat what’s found on the original version. 

I’ve nothing more to say other than this is a single that you need to listen to. Eight-and-a-half out of ten! 

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