Ex-Hyena Launches Sophomore Album “Moon Reflections”

The enigmatic duo behind your favorite mutant-disco-alien-dance-party, Ex-Hyena, return in 2022 with their sophomore album “Moonlight Reflections”. Released via Brutal Resonance Records, “Moon Reflections” is a ten-track space epic wailing through dark electronic blues. Like waltzing into a smokey cafe sitting within the seventieth floor of a mega-building, Ex-Hyena will leave you hypnotized as they weave techno, synthpop, darkwave, post-rock and more into their mix. You can stream “Moon Reflections” below and you can purchase it HERE.
Moon Reflections brings forth cinematic landscapes from the Ex-Hyena world. This futuristic world is created to build imagination sparks, to grasp memories, and to delve into understanding our fragile minds. It’s interesting. I think our last album was maybe built a bit more on stories, and characters from a dystopian future world, and of course aspects of that world touched upon the realities of our world. But in building imaginary worlds, one can tap into the subjects of the mind. Moon Reflections dives into the deep, murky waters of memories, it falls down a void of nightmares, it experiences extreme loneliness, and it also highlights a few characters via cinematic scenes from the Ex-Hyena future world. And it all meshes together because imagination is a great magnifying glass. -Reuben Bettsak
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