EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Christopher Connelly, Sean Payne, Reeves Gabrels, get animated in Derision Cult’s new music video for ‘Deaf Blood’

Have you ever wanted to see industrial legend Chris Connelly in full animated glory? Or how about Sean Payne, the infamous leader of the band of robot-noise makers Glitch Mode Recordings? Well, thanks to industrial metal project Derision Cult that dream has come true as the second single ‘Deaf Blood’ from the project’s forthcoming EP “Mercenary Notes Pt 1” is dropping here and now on Brutal Resonance. Well, at least the music video is. A satirical note on consumerism is present throughout the music video and it’s as absurd as it is entertaining. You can stream the animated hijinks of Derision Cult, Chris Connelly, Sean Payne, and Revves Gabrels directly below. 

‘Deaf Blood’ lyrics were by Chris Connelly and they really inspired the video. It’s about business moguls who become sort of messianic figures and manipulate how the masses think and feel about things to sell more products. -Dave McAnally, Derision Cult

‘Deaf Blood’ officially comes out tomorrow, with remixes from The Joy Thieves, Martin Atkins, and an instrumental demo attached. You can stream / purchase that on Derision Cult’s Bandcamp. As seen in the music video itself, a ‘Deaf Blood’ hot sauce is also available on Derision Cult’s Bandcamp page. A cayenne sauce with seasoned rice wine, garlic, and burnt sugar perfect for pairing with chicken – or so I’m told. Industrial metal and hot sauce. What more could you want? Obviously, the whole album when it launches. “Mercenary Notes Pt 1” will be available in digital and cassette formats on December 2nd, 2022. Keep an eye out for it. 

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