EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: History of Guns keep Running in Circles

Post-punk / industrial hybrid project History of Guns has been around since 1996. Formed in Hertfordshire, England, they became known for their participation and push in the UK Wasp Factory / FuturePunk scene in the 2000s. History of Guns has never shied away from genre-breaking boundaries; some of their songs will be entirely electronic, while others find them being a fully-fledged five-piece rock outfit. Whatever the case, History of Guns has never strayed away from being themselves and making the music that they want. 
Never to be put down, History of Guns is back at it with their forthcoming album “Forever Dying in Your Eyes” and we’ve the honor of showing off the latest single and music video off the album ‘Running in Circles’. Max Rael, keyboardist and co-founder, sums up the concept of the song well. He stats that, “The story of our lives never goes in a straight line from birth to death. Sometimes we get stuck, and it feels like we’re not moving at all; or worse, just endlessly running in circles, like dogs chasing their tails, and you feel like you’d do almost anything to break out of it.” You can see for yourself if they catch their definition of ‘Running in Circles’ below. 

The music video has been produced by Round Window Media. History of Gun’s new album “Forever Dying in Your Eyes” will be unleashed on August 1st, 2022. 
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