EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Komrads gives an industrial twist to punk legends Black Flag

Industrial project Komrads is not a new face to the dark electronic scene; having his name plastered on several releases including remixes has become commonplace for Zachary Burnett, the solo-member of the project. But his roots go back to the origins of industrial music wherein it was inspired by the DIY ethos of punk music. While he could have covered any number of industrial or goth songs, Komrads decided to write a love letter for one of the main reasons he became a musician in the first place. That is he covered Black Flag’s ‘Nervous Breakdown’. ‘Nervous Breakdown’ was not only chosen due to Burnett’s admiration of Black Flag, but also due to how he perceived the lack of empathy and compassion humans had for one another. Stemming from the pandemic, these feelings made him hit a boiling point in his previous day job as a construction / steel worker. He has since quit that job and has been supporting himself as a musician and with odd jobs in between. This cover is a testament to all the work he’s been putting in to become 100% independent. You can stream the song directly below. 
For the song I approached this with my trusty MPC, a pair of mono synths, and a ton of distortion.  The vocals I did on just one take.  One of my favorite aspects of punk music is the imperfections.  Hearing the vocalist stutter, their voice crack, inconsistent rhythm.  Maybe that’s part of the lack of experience since most punk musicians of the 70s and 80s were pretty green as musicians but I love that charm, that earnesty.  I love the honesty  and the sheer angst in it.  They had to get that message out – on a strict budget.   

-Zachary Burnett

‘Nervous Breakdown’ will be out on August 19th, 2022. The song has been mixed and mastered by Jonathon Thompson of Child of Night. The artwork was created by Dog Bites Back. 
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