Fact Mix 788: Posh Isolation

Christian Stadsgaard and Loke Rahbek look back on a standout year for the Copenhagen label.

For over a decade, Copenhagen’s Posh Isolation label has explored the space between techno, ambient, contemporary classical and noise music. Artists including Puce Mary, Lust For Youth, Vanessa Amara and more have helped to define the label’s genre-agnostic sonic aesthetic.

Although the label was founded by Christian Stadsgaard aka Vanity Productions and Loke Rahbek aka Croatian Amor (who together record as Damien Dubrovnik) in 2009, Posh Isolation runs as a collective endeavour, with a DIY ethos and frequent collaborations between the label’s artists.

This year, with clubs closed and shows on hold, Posh Isolation’s pensive take on electronic music was a soundtrack for a slowed-down world. Despite the pandemic, the label has had an exceptionally busy year, with the release of Croatian Amor’s sixth solo album, releases from KhalilH2OP, oqbqbo, Kamil Dossar and Perko among many others.

Posh Isolation is capping off 2020 with the release of Under Stars / Shells In Colour, a compilation featuring music from label regulars and fresh faces, including Scandanavian Star, Schacke and more. All proceeds from the release will go to Stand By Me Lesvos, a non-profit organisation supporting refugees in Greece that emphasises positivity and community.

To mark the compilation, Stadsgaard and Rahbek helm this week’s Fact Mix. “Here is a mix of how the year sounded at Posh Isolation,” the duo say. “It was a strange year but there was a lot of beautiful music. The mix also holds a few glimpses of next year’s plans. We would like to thank all the artists and we would like to thank everyone listening.” 

Under Stars / Shells In Colour is out on double cassette and digital formats now. Find the rest of Posh Isolation’s catalogue at Bandcamp.


Croatian Amor – ‘New Morning’
oqbqbo & Vallmo – ‘Open Like A Flash’ 
H2OP – ‘Sectioned’ 
Scandinavian Star – ‘God’s Face In The Water Remix’
Kamil Dossar – ‘Alms’
Croatian Amor – ‘Yoyogi Park’
August Rosenbaum – ‘Solina Rework’ 
Perko – ‘Galerie’ 
Frederik Valentin & Loke Rahbek – ‘The Heart of Things’ 
oqbqbo & Scandinavian Star – ‘Airdrops’
Schacke – ‘Lowest of the Low pt 2’ 
Frederik Valentin & Loke Rahbek – ‘Scarlett’ 
oqbqbo – ‘Night Perfume’ 
Violence of the fauve & Claire Courchene – ‘Chero’ 
Croatian Amor – ‘Same Light Reflects’ 
Vanessa Amara – ‘Of Yours’ 
Francesca Burattelli ft. Alexander Holm – ‘La Stanza’ 
Frederik Valentin ft. Soho Rezanejad – ‘Tears’ 
Vanessa Amara – ‘Leopards 9’ 
Varg2TM – ‘Kintzugi’ 
Croatian Amor & Varg2TM ft. NikkiH2OP – ‘Tears Take Forever’
Exploited Body – ‘Riley’ 
Croatian Amor & Scandinavian Star – ‘Two Autumns’ 
August Rosenbaum & CTM – ‘Angel’ 
Vanity Productions – ‘White Ribbons on the Ceiling’ 

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