Fact Mix 882: Sansibar

A trip through peak time club music mixed by the Helsinki artist, from vintage ’90s techno and trance to modern cuts.

Since the release of his debut cassette in 2018, Helsinki-based DJ and producer Sansibar has respectfully looked back to the past to craft a style of techno that nevertheless feels fresh and forward-facing. Early trance, euphoric ’90s techno and hardcore, Artificial Intelligence-era electronica and chillout room ambient all seem to be touchpoints for Sansibar’s sleek, fast and uplifting productions, which have appeared on labels including Kalahari Oyster Cult, Natural Sciences and Émotsiya.

Sansibar’s DJ sets are a similar mix of old and new, often placing rare old school gems and forgotten techno and trance classics alongside contemporary cuts. Although he frequently DJs across Europe, Sansibar has held down residencies in Helsinki’s Kaiku and Post Bar over the past few years, allowing him the space to develop an eclectic style that still manages to go hard.

On his Fact Mix, Sansibar balances these moods with music from Steve Rachmad, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Rowland & Simon, DJ Swisha and Dylan Forbes together with his own edits of Art of Trance’s cosmic 1994 track and ‘Cambodia’ and Darkman’s 1992 jungle cut, ‘Escape From The Planet Of The Zombie Droids’. In Sansibar’s words, it’s a selection of “old and new peak time club music, recorded with two CDJs and 1s and 2s at the comfort of my own home.”

Follow Sansibar on Instagram and SoundCloud. Find more of Sansibar’s music at Bandcamp.


Air Liquide – ‘Tongues Of Fire’
Cherry Bomb – ‘Asylum’
The Lonely Guy – ‘Saying All That Crap’ (Old School Mix)
Scan Carriers – ‘Bandini’
Steve Rachmad – ‘Sinosphere’ (John Thomas Remix)
Terry Lee Brown Jr. – ‘Impact State’ (Original Mix)
Art Of Trance – ‘Cambodia’ (Sans edit)
Maara – ‘Forget The World’
DJ Swisha – ‘Reconstructed Club’
Dylan Forbes –’Resoblaster’
The Advent – ‘House Seed’
Rowland & Simon – ‘Oscillator 2’ (Live Mix)
Compass – ‘Steam’
Les Points – ‘Youknowwhatminimalisch’
Generali Minerali – ‘Batteries Arent Low’
Darkman – ‘Escape From The Planet Of The Zombie Droids’ (Sans edit)
Khetama – ‘Rotation’

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