Ferry Corsten and Diandra Faye deliver electric new single, ‘Stay Awake’: Listen

Ferry Corsten continues to excite and inspire fans and producers worldwide with his continued output of festival-sized anthems. The Dutch producer has spent much of 2023 on the road and revamped his System F moniker, but now he returns with Diandra Faye for an infectious new single.

Following up on his recent singles, Yes Man and Connect, Corsten continues to build his latest collection of tracks with the new release of Stay Awake. This vocal-focused anthem never takes its foot off the pedal over three minutes and forty seconds of music. Opening with a filtered layer of percussion, subtle pad, and infectious vocals from Diandra Faye, Stay Awake wastes no time in grabbing listeners’ attention. As Ferry Corsten continues to build the music, the impact hits first around the thirty-second mark, as a burst of synths explodes through the speakers as Faye starts singing the chorus refrain.

Instead of diving into a drop, a second verse quickly arrives, further building the anticipation for the music to let fans release their pent-up energy, yet maintain their attention as fans will by now surely be singing along to the chorus melody. It’s not until the last minute of the track that Corsten truly lets loose, delivering a massive progressive production that drives and lifts the audience with its pulsing lead and percussion. While there is still one more chorus to be sung, the energy of the vocalist and producer are now both at a ten and the room, or festival space, will surely be pulsing to the rhythm of the track.

As Corsten continues to build his next full-length album, Stay Awake, the fourth single from this current era certainly showcases his immense strength as a producer, as well as his keen ear for radio-friendly toplines. As fans await the complete collection, this latest work with Dianra Faye will surely resonate with listeners around the world.

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