Flatfoot Sam Releases Triphop Banger, Ven a Bailar

Flatfoot Sam has been dabbling in the intricacies of music production ever since taking an interest in the Dance music industry from 18 years old. He kicked off his career with the releases of a few vinyl bangers in the early ’90s, which cemented his place in the industry. As of right now, Flatfoot Sam is crushing 2021 as his release ‘Ven a Bailar’ has begun to turn heads in the industry. Flatfoot’s take on electronic dance music is a quirky and inimitable mix-up of Leftfield and Triphop that incorporates speaker-splitting beats paired with the juxtaposing serenity of and underlying calmness of nature. His style and productions always carry huge emotion considering he has always been beguiled by the beauty and emotion conveyed through dance music.

With influences from renowned DJs and Producers like Carl Cox, Weatherall and The Prodigy, Sam has an eclectic and vast range of influences that fuels his love for all genres of music. Ven a Bailer is unique in many ways, featuring as an unmissable release delving into the TripField genre. It provides that chilled and floaty vibe that incorporates harder styled sounds as the song progresses giving it that uplifting edge, making it an unmissable summer anthem perfect for chilling and relaxing to round the pool. ‘Ven a Bailar’ possesses a raw beauty and emotion that is hard to master through electronic dance music, but Flatfoot Sam does an excellent job in ensuring this release does – it’s an extremely danceable and contagious release that can be listened to at any time in the day and will make you want to press repeat as soon as it’s over.


Flatfoot Sam has a lot more in store for us further down the line in terms of releases as he makes a comeback to the scene which he is marking his with ‘Ven a Bailar’, which is already signifying a strong start and is drumming up an excitement as to what he will do next. However now is the time to kick back and enjoy this release just in time for the start of the summer season as it’s a prominent demonstration of Sam’s development as an artist, overall homing in on his raw understanding and propensity for the production of infectious electronic music.


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