French nightclubs launch initiative to gain cultural status

French nightclubs have launched an initiative aimed at securing cultural status, in an attempt to mirror Berlin’s decision to recognise venues in a similar way. 

Club-Culture involves 38 venues from across France which are working together to gain more recognition from policy makers. Combined, the clubs involved account for more than 1,000 jobs, hosting over 5,000 events and bringing in around €60million each year thanks to some three million people who attend parties. 

I-Boat, Macadam, BADABOUM, KALT, La Machine Du Moulin Rouge (pictured), Le Petit Salon, Le Sucre, Rex Club, and Warehouse are among the addresses behind the campaign. Key figureheads from the country’s electronic music scene including Laurent Garnier, Ètienne De Crécy, Jennifer Cardini, and Teki Latex have also expressed support.

“The Covid-19 crisis has proven the importance of a well-structured scene,” Alexis Tenaud, of Macadam’s collective and label Androgyne, told RA. “The necessity of gathering all actors under a common force. A lot of goals are yet to be reached, but it cannot happen without the creation of a global community that can set up a political agenda for the club-culture scene.” 

A series of events to raise awareness about the movement took place this past weekend, between Friday 26th and Sunday 28th November, advertised on the Club-Culture website. It is hoped that if the idea is successful French clubs and the country’s dance music eco-system will receive greater support and recognition from the government. Earlier this year, clubs in Berlin were officially declared culture institutions thanks to the work of the Parliamentary Forum For Club Culture & Nightlife. Berghain was previously awarded this status individually in 2016

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