Furtherset explores density, intensity, fragility, and emotions with ‘The Logic of a Secret’

WARNING: This video contains flashing images and stroboscopic sequences.

Oceanic ambience and frenetic arpeggios are catapulted into the stratosphere by stroboscopic footage of the waters of Venice and Lake Trasimeno.

Towards the end of last year avant-rave architect Furtherset returned to Swiss label -OUS with To Live Tenderly Anew, the third in a trio of releases for the label, following the EPs To Alter and Affect and Drawings of Desire and Hate, that the artist conceives of as three parts of a wider search for hidden connections beyond harmonies and rhythm.

“I am interested in pushing the compositional methods I’ve developed to their limits,” explains the producer. “I’m interested in density, intensity, fragility, and emotions.” His ambitious sights are projected in high-definition across album highlight ‘The Logic of a Secret’, a jagged rush of euphoric dissonance that arrives accompanied by a hyperactive visual from Furtherset himself.


“When working with video, I am interested in the juxtaposition of moving images and still images,” he says. “The latter are animated using stop motion techniques. I add layer after layer until the original sources melt into a new kind of image.” Smashing together stroboscopic footage of the waters of Venice and Lake Trasimeno with a still from the ’90s anime Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, the artists catapults the oceanic ambience and frenetic arpeggios of the track into the stratosphere.

“I was interested in the tension that originates from the high speed images and the consequential stroboscopic effect,” he continues, “the impermanence of these water-like images on the viewer’s eye, and the repetition of these images, until they lose their singular representation and become structure and movement.”


‘The Logic of a Secret’ is taken from the album To Live Tenderly Anew, out now on -OUS. For more information about Furtherset and his work you can follow him on Instagram.

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