Future legends The Black Cheetahs channel blues into their dark and moody industrial garage rock single ‘Gold Gold Gold’

Boundaries are limitless within music when it comes to music; within the industrial scene alone have I seen country mix with dark electronics, rappers feature on industrial metal blasters, and classical singers partner with aggrotech producers. It’s always a strange phenomenon to find two genres that generally shouldn’t work well together do so anyway and defy expectations. This is the case for Berlin-based The Black Cheetahs and their latest single ‘Gold Gold Gold’.
If Raymond Watts had a part of him ripped off that mutated and formed its own project, The Black Cheetahs would be it. This visceral trio combine gloomy industrial beats, the slow-paced shenanigans of doom metal, and the raw flavor of blues vocals into one hell of a song. This mix-up may sound confusing at first but listening to it all come together is heaven and heaven and heaven again. Lead vocalist Sofia TK is perhaps the most impressive part of this outfit as her voice soars to the high heavens and back down to Hell again; her control and pitch is quite honestly shocking and glorious. The Black Cheetahs are simply a spine-tingling sensation that need to be heard by all. That being said, I’m proud to present their brand-new music video ‘Gold Gold Gold’. 
Sell your soul to the devil, get rich, corrupted, realise it, feel the pain, throw it all away to be changed again: The experience of gold and its alchemical power. ‘Gold Gold Gold’ talks about a murderess who goes all the way in a tempestuous life and ends up killing her mafia lover, sick of seeing her principles compromised. This song came out of a jam singing ‘I Put A Spell On You’ on top of a dubstep beat. It all started with Screaming’Jay Hawkins’ but cool enough, the song took its own course and ended up rather paying tribute to Nina Simone taking up her guns. -Sofia TK
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