Philly-based multi-genre electronic producer Her Noise Is Violence is ready to unleash another onslaught of dancefloor killers in her latest collection of singles “Choosing Violence”. This compilation features ten of her hardest, dark, acid, and industrial-techno singles jammed into one convenient collection for an hour’s worth of non-stop, club pumping beats. You can stream / pre-order the album below.
Kicking off “Choosing Violence” is one of her most popular anthems, and one of the singles that started it all, ‘Into the Void’. Taking you directly into a trance-driven oblivious state, ‘Into the Void’ sinks its meat hooks into you and doesn’t let you go until the final second. Much more sedated but nonetheless spooky comes ‘Witching Hour’, a subtle but menacing track serving as a backbeat to all things horror. Sparks are refueled in ‘Killadelphia’; building up to an ultimatum and never-stopping. Nasty beats with an in-your-face attitude. ‘Lost in the Sauce’ serves up another delicious lesson in industrial-techno stomping grounds while ‘No Future’ gives a long, hard look at our bleak future through dystopic beats. 
‘Rituals’ preps you for forbidden moments in dark places throughout its six-and-a-half-minute run, while ‘Tormentor’ turns up the volume in a rapid, BPM driven, psycho track. ‘Relentless’ needs no other word than its title as a description; serving up a heaping and healthy dose of destructive underground bass. Looking to science fiction films and media alike, ‘Shapeshifter’ imagines a catchy beat scoring the soundtrack to a horrific alien infestation or chase scene. The album ends off with one of Her Noise Is Violence’s original tracks, ‘I Dream Of Acid’. 
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