Imisc Drops Emotional New Music Video For “Dancing Baby” Ft. J.O.Y

Munich-based music producer Imisc announces the release of a new track and music video entitled  “Dancing Baby,” featuring the talented R&B artist J.O.Y.
Imisc has situated himself as a potential key figure in the electronic music crossover space, serving up unique sonic representations on a regular basis such as “Magic,” released in May 2020, followed by  “What I Regret,” released in June 2020, and his latest release, “Parachute,” a beautiful EDM track.

Although “Dancing Baby” is all about the emotional mess caused by a woman who is not sure of her feelings, from the technical perspective this is a radio-friendly earworm with a groovy rhythm and a slick production, with J.O.Y’s vocals sounding explosive and full of life all throughout. This could well become one of the biggest hits of his career so far!
With four releases in his armory, all made during one year, it’s just enough to whet fans’ appetites in anticipation of new releases.

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