iZotope release new ‘intelligent’ reverb plugin

iZotope has announced a new plugin called Neoverb that ‘listens’ to your mix and adjusts its settings in real-time to better fit the space into your track. According to iZotope, the plugin uses ‘AI-powered’ EQs to automatically shape the pre- and post-EQ on your reverb and Reverb Assistant lets you input characteristics like ‘airy’, ‘bright’ etc, and then ‘listens’ to your track and creates a natural sounding reverb that sits in the mix.

iZotope’s Exponential Audio is what powers their Assistive Mix tools, including Neutron. By linking the plugins together, it’s possible for Neoverb to spot where certain frequencies ad harmonics are clashing and highlight the troublesome areas.

Watch the video below for more info on how Neoverb works.

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