Kasbo Swoons Hearts With New Single "Show You"

Electronic music producer Kasbo has brought another new single that is absolutely breath-taking. “Show You” is a little gift from the Swedish artist that fans can cherish until the release of his forthcoming album The Making of a Paracosm. 

As always, Kasbo wows us once again with a new tune. Sure to make anyone speechless, “Show You” compels fans to listen and take in the beauties of your life outside of the pandemic. The song creates a feeling of euphoria as if nothing can take you down. Truthfully, this is just the pick me up we need during this uncertain and lonely time.

“Show You” is a soft love song unlike any other. With its perfect piano progression and powerful vocals, you can’t help but want to sing along. Although the lyrics are repeated over and over again, it doesn’t make it any less creative than any kind of song being popularized today. Kasbo shows us that not only can love be described in a few words, but it can still be empowering as hundreds of different ones. The perfect track doesn’t necessarily have to contain a complex message, but a simple one can do just as fine.

This talented music producer will never fail to impress us with his sound. There is no doubt that his upcoming album will go above and beyond our expectations.

Kasbo recently released his latest single “Play Pretend.” Featuring Ourchives, this was the very first single off his new upcoming album. He’s been recognized for his memorable album “Places We Don’t Know.” For those who don’t know what to expect for the new album, checking out this one will prepare you for what is to come.

The Making of a Paracosm will be released on October 23. Stay tuned for its official release.


Photo credited to Olof Grind.


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