Kill the Void Releases Newest EP, Cult of Tau

French dance music duo Kill the Void have released their debut EP, a massive three-track tech record titled Cult of Tau.

The EP is a cyclical remnant of dark, industrial tech house and non linear dance music.

Cult of Tau, which arrives on the most recent release of the duo’s signing to the UK record label Dance Trax, also includes a forward-thinking remix of its titular track by Assembler Code set for release on July 30th.

Created using instruments from fabled audio brands such as Roland, Sequential, Eric Synths, and Moog, the EP kicks off with “Cult of Tau,” a frenetic and glitchy peak-time bomb with a cinematic edge. They follow with “Cosmopendium,” a sinister techno banger with booming kickdrums and an acid-inspired bassline, before tying a bow on the EP with the mind-bending midtempo cut “Chariot of Love.”

Check out Cult of Tau below.

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