LANDR launch new FX plugin suite

LANDR – the music services company that started out as one of the first AI mastering platforms – has announced a new suite of plugins to join its All Access Pass subscription plan. The plugins are made up of five single-knob tools, similar to Waves’ OneKnob series. They include Acoustic, Electric, Beats, Bass and Voice. Each plugin has a single ‘Blend’ knob and input and output controls, with all the processing happening behind the scenes. 

Daniel Rowland, LANDR’s Head of Production, said: “LANDR FX are some of the simplest and most capable multi-effects plugins ever created. Simply choose the plugin best suited to the instrument you’re processing, select a preset, and turn the big knob.” 

Acoustic adds “vibrant tones and rich character”, Electric adds “richness and gloss”, Bass adds “definitive and iconic bass effects”, Beats “adds punch and power” and Voice “perfects and polishes your vocal tracks”. 

The plugins are available as part of LANDR’s All Access Pass, which costs £18 a month for zero commitment or £108 a year. Find out more here.

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