LANDR launches new sample plugin Chromatic

Music services website LANDR has launched a new plugin called Chromatic. The new instrument is what they are calling “artist-generated”, and was created in collaboration with established artists like D Smoke and Arianne Moffatt. The plugin features a similar interface to Output’s popular Arcade, and allows users to play loops and samples from their MIDI keyboard while the black keys will affect the sound in different ways like reversing and changing the sample loop length. 

A new aspect though, is that LANDR will actually allow sound creators who make packs for the instrument to benefit from royalties from the music made using their packs. 

Of the new initiative, LANDR say: “Chromatic will soon incorporate royalty splits for creators who are contributing sound sets and those who utilise them in their works, generating potential new revenue streams for artists everywhere while allowing for artful collaboration and exchange in a unique way. It will function as an intriguing additional asset artists can use to promote their recordings and projects and boost their income.” 

The new plugin is available as part of LANDR’s All Access Pass subscription that includes AI mastering, distribution of your music and more. Find out more about Chromatic here or watch the video below. 

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