LAZERPUNK – Heavy Weapon (feat. Alexis Mincolla)

It’s happened. One of the biggest juggernauts in the Hungarian synthwave / darksynth scene has collaborated with one of the largest synthwave / darksynth record labels. Lazerpunk and NewRetroWave have teamed up for the release of the project’s latest single ‘Heavy Weapon’. But, there’s a bonus surprise to tie it all together into the industrial field. Alexis Mincolla, the frontman for the industrial metal band 3TEETH, has provided both the vocals and the cover art for the single. Before writing about the song, I would like to take a minute to appreciate the cover art; the stark red and dirty / worn black background fit together nicely. The handling of the gun and the symbols placed throughout are all symbolic of cyberpunk and tells that audience exactly what they’re getting into. 
Anyway, ‘Heavy Weapon’ is a clean and well produced darksynth single. From the crisp bassline to the very backing elements (ambient synth lines just lurking outside of range) to the crunchy bass drops, ‘Heavy Weapon’ has it all. It’s a dancefloor bomb waiting to be opened up inside of a club. Alexis Mincolla’s vocals are thematic and on point; his voice is deep and robotic. It’s almost as if a soldier or mercenary is in a seedy, underground lair of a shady arms dealer. That arms dealer, however, it fifty-percent cyborg, and fifty-percent human. Every weapon you look at, they judge you for. The samples are well placed in the song as well; from the sounds of gunfire to shells dropping, it’s all grand. 
The single comes with both the original version and an instrumental. I personally prefer the version with the vocals, but I can see some people preferring just the instrumental mix…Though it does take away some thematic elements from the track. 
Simply put, however, if you haven’t heard ‘Heavy Weapon’ as of just yet, then you should. It’s an absolute blast and shows an evolution in sound design and production on Lazerpunk’s part. 
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