LEGO release relaxing three-hour playlist of brick sounds

Building block legends LEGO have released a new playlist of ASMR-friendly block sounds on their official Spotify account. Described as a solution for those looking for a “new way to destress”, LEGO said the playlist “is composed of a series of audio tracks created using nothing but the iconic sounds that the LEGO brick makes, sounds that are recognised by generations all over the world.”

The iconic sounds make up a 210-minute playlist, perfect for putting on before you drift off the sleep, the sounds of everyone’s childhood echoing through the darkness. LEGO also added, “Each LEGO element makes a unique noise, which is why designers experimented with over 10,000 in their quest for the perfect soothing sounds.

The result is a soundscape that includes tracks such as ‘It All Clicks’ which perfectly captures the joyous sound of two LEGO elements joining together, and ‘The Waterfall’ created by pouring thousands of LEGO bricks on top of each other.”

You can listen to the playlist on Spotify or on LEGO’s website.


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