LISTEN: ALRT’s “1985” Gets the Ekonovah Treatment

Eager to present a new side to his creative flow, Ekonovah is back with his newest release. The Arizona native enters in full dark Techno mode with his latest remix of ALRT’s “1985”. This is what he had to say about his latest:

“This remix, without a doubt, is the hardest track in my discography. I honestly surprised myself at first – I’m usually more on the tech house side of things but this dark techno-inspired track came together so fast and I was loving it. So stoked about this one and I think it’s going to be perfect for some of my upcoming sets.” – Ekonovah

As Ekonovah continuously evolves, the creative keeps a consistent goal in mind – to influence the electronic scene with a new sound. For anyone familiar with Ekonovah, it’s clear with his latest release that he has expanded into a new horizon and released himself into the unknown. Initially hesitant to try something different, ideas flowed naturally in the studio he pieced together a new outlook of the record itself and his brand. 

Regardless of genre, it’s clear Ekonovah’s quality will never suffer. With plenty more releases on the horizon and a huge 2024 coming to fruition, the sky is the limit for the Arizona native.

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LISTEN: ALRT’s “1985” Gets the Ekonovah Treatment

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