LISTEN: Asher Shashaty & whoskevin? Join Forces on “Eyes”

Triumphantly joining forces on their brand new single “Eyes,” Asher Shashaty and whoskevin? blend electronic soundscapes with soulful vocals to create a sound all their own. Their epic fusion of melodic bass and trap is out now on all platforms.

“Eyes” is a reflective showcase of Asher Shashaty and whoskevin?’s adeptness at merging electronic complexity with emotional resonance. Asher Shashaty brings his signature instrumental edge style to the project, integrating a broad spectrum of influences into his work. His commitment to pushing creative boundaries is one of many unique traits about his vision. Whoskevin? adds his unique vocal style and electronic twist to the mix, stemming from an alternative rock background.

“Eyes” exemplifies the powerful synergy between Asher Shashaty and whoskevin?, combining their distinct talents to produce a track that is both innovative and deeply moving. Check it out below on Spotify.

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LISTEN: Asher Shashaty & whoskevin? Join Forces on “Eyes”

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