Annie Mac’s last ever Dance Party Radio 1 show was broadcast on Friday 30th July, and those who missed the historic event can listen back to the 120-minute landmark occasion.

Prior to going on air, the presenter started a thread on Twitter asking people to comment with their favourite tracks from the 17 years she has been on the station, many of which made the final playlist. The show features music from High Contrast, Axwell, Boys Noize, Jessie Ware, Kings of Tomorrow, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Mella Dee, among other names, indicative of Mac’s famously broad tastes in dance music. 

The broadcast closed out on DJ Rolando’s timeless techno epic, ‘Knights of the Jaguar’, which the presenter explained is one of her all-time top tunes. Orbital’s seminal downtempo number, ‘Belfast’, also made the cut. 

“There’s one thing I’ve forgotten to say, as a 43-year-old woman, life is short, it goes by really, really fast, it thunders by,” Mac said in a final message to her audience. “If you like the music, you gotta get up and dance. Just do it.”

After the show went out a number of prominent dance music faces paid their respects to both the presenter and her show. Mac announced she was leaving back in April, citing the need to spend more time with her family, write, and work on podcasts. Listen to the full final show here. Last year, Radio 1 launched a new 24-hour electronic music stream, BBC Radio 1 Dance