LISTEN: “Worlds Collide” in Lavier and Murkury’s New EP

Introducing Lavier and Murkury’s forthcoming EP, Worlds Collide. Following up with a couple of solid releases back in January, “END ALL BE ALL // FUCK OFF,” Lavier stays on track with a fresh three-track discography EP, with the following featured tracks: “Worlds Collide”, “Final Approach” and “Worlds Collide (Criso Remix)”. 

“Murkury and I met almost 10 years ago when we were both living in the mountains of Western North Carolina. That region is the birthplace of both of our projects and the people, environment, and experiences we had there played a huge role in shaping both of us as people and music makers. We’ve become really close friends over the years, playing shows together and messing around with some collabs here and there but nothing really landed until we began working on this project. We called this EP “Worlds Collide” because you can hear each of our artistic voices clearly in both tracks, but they come together as one in a really cohesive way.” – Lavier

Lavier and Murkury bring experimental bass to life in this EP, adding in ambiguous elements and a kaleidoscopic tone. The crunchy bassline steps out of the comfort zone, calling for the deep hidden wonk. This EP complements each other with each of the tracks enforcing its own attributes and coming together to transmit in a new wave. 

Lavier is all set to tour for the upcoming week, making appearances at the Black Box in Denver, CO on February 22nd, followed by the next day February 23rd at Asheville Music Hall in Asheville, NC.

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LISTEN: “Worlds Collide” in Lavier and Murkury’s New EP

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