Lobster Theremin founder Jimmy Asquith accused of sexual assault and grooming

CW: Sexual assault, grooming.

Last Friday (30 September), Glasgow DJ and producer Inez shared an account detailing alleged sexual assault and grooming by DJ and label owner Jimmy Asquith. The Scottish artist, aka Shona, previously worked for Lobster Theremin on a freelance basis.

In her statement, Inez claimed that the incident happened shortly after she moved to London. “He invited me out for drinks where he began to act extremely inappropriately and coerced me into going back to his flat despite me repeatedly saying no,” she wrote, adding that she felt “pressured and feared of being stranded alone in a new city and ubers were failing to show.” Inez went on to detail the alleged sexual assault happened immediately after they got back to Asquith’s flat.

“I had one final conversations with Jimmy (Asquith) where I directly addressed the first incident and his behaviours,” Inez continued. “It really hurts to admit but the truth is that I was groomed as a young professional in the music industry – and I fear for others that may end up in the same position as me.”

Inez also cited the incident as the reason why she has moved back to Glasgow. “I’m sick and tired of the music scene being such an unsafe place,” she added in the statement, which you can read in full below.

Asquith has since made a post denying the allegations. In a statement shared yesterday (2 October), the Lobster Theremin founder said he was “strongly refuting the allegations of sexual assault” against him. Asquith went on to write that: “The allegations of grooming are a constructed and distorted narrative of what was in reality a very different situation.”

You can read Asquith’s statement below.

The statement has been called out by many producers and DJs, with claims of similar allegations from others levelled at Asquith.

In light of Inez’ account, many producers who have released music through Lobster Theremin have been cutting ties with the label. This includes Mr. Mitch who is withdrawing the 2 upcoming EPs he had on the imprint, DJ Seinfield and Black Girl/White Girl – the latter of whom tweeted: “Just tried to email the Lobster Theremin label team to cancel our release and apparently everyone has already quit. Automatic emails say we need to contact a*quith directly to cancel this fucking ep.”

The UK helpline for those impacted by sexual violence or abuse of any kind is 0808 802 9999. In the US, the national sexual assault hotline is 1 (800) 656 4673. A 24-hour support service can be accessed via RAINN.

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