Loraine James, GLOR1A and Demigosh are locked for a Spectacular Empire live stream

Loraine James, GLOR1A, and Demigosh are confirmed for a Spectacular Empire live stream as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival, which is being held entirely online this year and runs from 13th – 22nd November. 

Partnering with Between the Lines Festival, the full programme includes boundary-pushing and genre-straddling electronic names like Leafcutter John and Erased Tapes. 

On 18th November GAIKA’s The Spectacular Empire hosts and curates a triple bill featuring Hyperdub artist and DJ Mag How I Play Live interviewee, Loraine James, Irish-London MC and Blackfish collective member Demigosh, and multidisciplinary bass-R&B innovator GLOR1A, whose ‘Drone’ EP is set to land on the associated imprint next year. Mixcloud is partnering, and will be streaming the event from 9PM here


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