With a name like Microchip Terror I felt very confident that this was going to be a decent release. Well my friends, this is more than a decent release; it’s an absolute display of raw power and harnessed energy wrapped up in a metal-synthwave-EBM outer crust that hits hard from beginning to end. 
Microchip Terror’s labs are located in an undisclosed location somewhere in Singapore.  The insane doctor that is Microchip Terror is hellbent on building a robot army to take control of the human race. We’ve seen the pictures of him building robots out of used and discarded computers. Could this be the catalyst to push the robot agenda forward and become the beginning of the robot apocalypse? 
So the EP consists of five tracks. There are two versions of ‘Targeted For Termination’. The first version kicks of the EP with a whirlwind of electronic terror with metal guitars tearing a permanent landing  place in your musical memory like a microchip would do. In the background there are some shouted vocals layered behind the wall of explosive synths making this the perfect title track to draw the listener in to explore further. The other mix of ‘Targeted For Termination’ is remixed or better yet reinterpreted by Surgeryhead. It’s a droning and brooding dirge that takes this release to a different realm and exists beyond where the the other four tracks dwell. ‘Restless Bug Hunt’ and ‘Cyber Tyrants’ featuring Electric Dragon mount two more power surges that keep up with the ‘Targeted For Termination’ opening track. Electric Dragon lends their guitar work to ‘Cyber Tyrants’ and the track definitely explores outside the synthwave boundaries into cyber industrial metal fascinations. Lastly, Apoteosi Del Mistero is cover version of a Fabio Frizzi track. Frizzi is an Italian musician known for his work with horror director Lucio Fulci. It’s a wonderful track showcasing some fine arrangement and will certainly have me exploring more of his works. 
When I  think of Synthwave meets metal, one band comes to mind, Dance With The Dead. They are the amongst the A-listers of metal influenced synthwave. They seem to be one of, if not the best at it in studio and live on stage. Microchip Terror add elements of not only metal and synthwave, but EBM and industrial as well. Microchip Terror’s circle of influence is vast and to be determined in this debut release. Fans of any genre will most-likely find something that interests them. Check out our interview with Microchip Terror to learn more about the band and the inane doctor that commands the controls. 
The format is cassette and digital. The cassette is crafted with care and limited to 66 copies which by now are close to being sold out. The cassette also comes with a laminated small poster with kind words from the doctor.

Be sure to check out the interview we conducted with Microchip Terror to learn more about the crazy doctor!