Miss FD – Your Core

Ever since Miss FD released her EP “Adore” I’ve been wondering what would come from the industrial, electro, goth, and general underground producer. While I love and adore her era as and industrial rock / electro rock enthusiast, her latest outing seeing her explore the electro-side of dark music has been phenomenal. “Adore” saw her explore synthwave and cyberpunk without ever diving too hard into the tropes of the genre wrapped around a fitness theme. However, her latest single sees Miss FD take a different direction. While appreciating the fine elements of electro within the single, she manages to take noise and industrial as an influence in this dark pop production. 

The intro of the single introduced me to a fun and rhythmic bassline; it doesn’t take long for static meshes to come into play. A screechy beat that decorates the background also comes into play. Normally, I can’t stand screechy beats but Miss FD has a professional understanding of beat-making. This is not a screech that is so over-bearing that it dominates the mix; rather, it settles right in the middle of it as a grand textures that gives it grit. Miss FD’s vocals are practically flawless as per normal; her clean chords have angst and emotion behind them and never falter. The first time the chorus hits in, further glitchy synths enter the fray just to add another layer of depth to the single. Further compliments go to the mix for allowing all these sounds to be easily heard and felt. Around the three-minute and five second mark, Miss FD seamlessly throws in some carnival sounds. Why? I don’t know. All I do know is that it sounds great – and a bit creepy – as if I’m moving through a mirror maze. 

What I’m hoping for more than ever at this point is that Miss FD has another album in the works that’s going to combine all her latest efforts together. Her last full-length was in 2018, so perhaps 2022 will be when we finally get another heavy dose of Miss FD’s brand. Until then, I’m more than satisfied with what she’s banging out. Eight-and-a-half out of ten. 

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