Neontenic – Dark Drive

Neontenic, one of the forerunner’s of today’s synthwave scene, brings us another glimpse into his forthcoming album “ULTRAWAVE” with his newly released single ‘Dark Drive’. To give a basic recap of what Neontenic has been up to, he has created a brand new universe to explore in which a machine controlled planet is putting mankind’s survival at risk. The story that Neontenic is telling is that of the human rebellion trying to resist while trying to avoid the mechanical eye of their oppressors. They’ve released one other single so far, ‘Set Me Free’ featuring vocalist Lisa Kant. ‘Dark Drive’ is the follow-up and second teaser for Neontenic’s forthcoming album due out on Timeslave Recordings. 
And, man, what a single it is. Neontenic is knocking it out of the park with these teasers; it begins with some lo-fi electronics that completely fall into crisp and cleans synthwave production around the twenty second mark. Ominous synth pads pulse while electronic lines trickle a bit of mystery on top. After a small breakdown Neontenic opens up to include brighter synths and mesmerizing notes. This song helps brings Neontenic’s vision of a machine-controlled future to life.
I’ve nothing more to say about the single other than to keep your eye out for when the whole album drops on December 17th. Nine out of ten! 
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