New book on the rise of Afrobeats to be released next month

A new book charting the rise of Afrobeats is set to be published next month by Jacaranda Books. 

‘A Quick Ting On: Afrobeats’ is written by journalist, cultural curator, and author Christian Adofo, and is billed as the first chronicle of the genre, taking a deep dive into the social and cultural development of, and influences informing, the music. 

Spanning a rich and storied history in African nations, including the preceding Afrobeat style, through to niche and subsequent mainstream adoption in the West, the story touches on issues including continental diaspora, identity politics, and Black pride. 

The book is part of the A Quick Ting On series, a collection of publications celebrating and exploring all things Black British Culture. You can follow the series on Instagram. 

A Quick Ting On: Afrobeats will be available to purchase in February here.

In 2020, BBC Radio 1Xtra launched the first ever UK Afrobeats chart, indicative of the sound’s burgeoning popularity in Britain, among other European countries. 

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