New contact tracing app for clubs launched in Berlin

A new contact tracing app for clubs has launched in Berlin to meet new government requirements amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Closecontact is a contact tracing app developed by a group of engineers, lawyers and designers from the music tech industry, alongside a handful of Berlin clubs, to allow venues to temporarily register visitors.

Before attending clubs, visitors must go to the Closecontact website to provide their contact details, and receive a personal pass in the form of a QR code. The QR code is scanned on entry to a club, with contact details encrypted for contact sharing in line with the German government’s coronavirus health and safety guidelines.

“COVID-19 has impacted individuals and communities all around the world and forced countless businesses to close their doors,” Closecontact said in a statement. “In Berlin, some sectors are re-opening, but our clubs remain largely shut.

“Berlin’s nightlife has historical significance and continues to be an essential part of the city’s culture. These spaces have long inspired people both here and abroad, and their failure to return would be a monumental loss culturally and economically. We want to help our favorite venues however we can.

“In response to COVID-19, the Berlin Senate has imposed contact-sharing regulations on our hospitality sector as a condition of re-opening.”

Passes are deleted automatically from the club’s records after 30 days, and will only be shared with health authorities to contact clubbers regarding infections.

You can read more about Closecontact here.

German chancellor Angela Merkel recently announced that restrictions on large-scale events, which includes festivals and fairs, would be in place until October 31st.

In May, booking agencies in Berlin came together to launch a new advocacy initiative, representing live acts and DJs amid the coronavirus pandemic.

(Pictured: Tresor, Berlin)

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