New foundation launched to support survivors of sexual abuse in music industry

The launch of the Face the Music Now Foundation has been announced today.

Author and former A&R executive Dorothy Carvello has launched a new foundation, called Face the Music Now, to help support survivors of sexual harassment and abuse in the music industry. The foundation will focus on uncovering experiences of abuse in the industry, as well as limiting the use of NDAs to silence survivors, and demanding for accountability. Education is also a key tenet for the foundation, which will also focus on teaching a new generation of industry leaders about fair treatment in the workplace.

According to the foundation, 72 percent of musicians who identify as women report that they have experienced discrimination in the music industry. Sixty seven percent report that they have been victims of sexual harassment, and 85 percent of the victims did not officially file reports.

“As a survivor myself, I have seen and experienced firsthand how sexual harassment and abuse shatters survivors psychologically, financially, and professionally,” Carvello said. “It’s not a matter of money; it’s about helping them put the pieces back together. This is about the decades old and widespread abuse of power in the music industry. We want to help survivors find their voices and take back some of what they have lost.”

On the website, Carvello also stated: “I want to hear the stories of people who have been cast out of the music business. For those afraid to come forward, I’ll tell their stories for them.”

The board of directors include Beverly Keel – dean of Middle Tennessee State University’s College of Media and Entertainment – writer and performer Bruce Roberts and former US Secret Service special agent Rob Savage.

Keel commented: “Throughout my career in the music industry, journalism and now academia, I’ve seen how the industry largely operates outside of traditional office norms. It’s lonely being the only woman in the room, and by working with Dorothy and the Foundation, I am focused on empowering those who have experienced abuse to speak up, and to ensure that our future leaders don’t perpetuate the abuse of power that has become all too common.”

For more information, head to the website for Face the Music Now.

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