New York record store Superior Elevation launches GoFundMe after suffering flood damage

A New York record store has launched a fundraiser after suffering flood damage.

Brooklyn store Superior Elevation have started a GoFundMe page after it suffered major damage as a result of Hurricane Ida. 

Ellen Kanamori, who co-founded the store with Tom Noble in 2015, wrote, “During the heavy rains from Hurricane Ida the building’s sewage drainage system gave out and it released about 4 feet of water into the store. After help arrived, they managed to pump all of the water out. They did manage to salvage a small portion of the records, but at least 75% was destroyed in the flood, if not more, it was too late.

“They do have insurance at the shop, however there is no guarantee of any funds at this point. And even if funds do come in, it will never match the incalculable losses from some of those unknown and hyper rare records that were lost. There were far too many records to be able to add up and prove values on.”

Kanamori added that the store hopes to continue in new premises. “They are still determined to bring the shop back to life,” she said. “They plan to open close by in either East Williamsburg or Bushwick. The goal is to find a place that will be better than our last location.”

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