Ninja Tune, Warp, !K7 join Music Climate Pact for net-zero emissions by 2050

Ninja Tune, Warp, !K7 and a number of other labels have signed up to Music Climate Pact, a new initiative which is encouraging organisations within the music industry to pledge to reaching net-zero emissions by 2050.

Label groups like Beggars (XL, Rough Trade, 4AD) and Secretly (Ghostly, Jagjaguwar) have also joined the pledge, in addition to Brownswood and the majors Sony, Universal and Warner. 

The pact was launched this month by UK organisations AIM (Association Of Independent Music) and BPI (British Phonographic Industry) following the recent COP26 climate conference in Glasgow. The guidelines for the pledge were developed with the support of UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme).

Commitments in the pledges include taking both collective and individual action to reduce greenhouse emissions; sharing information with music fans about the music industry’s impact on the environment; and backing artists and music industry figures on speaking out about issues around the environment.

The Music Climate Pact is also pushing to sign up many more organisations within the music industry over the course of 2022.

Find out more about Music Climate Pact here.

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