>Nitti Gritti adds body to Ekali and ILLENIUM’s ‘Hard To Say Goodbye’ in new remixNitti Gritti Live

A lead single from Ekali‘s debut LP, A World Away, “Hard To Say Goodbye” was an attention-attracting cut that caught the eye of many, including Nitti Gritti. The manufacturer of raw, no-holds-barred bass has formally released his revamp of Ekali’s ILLENIUM feature, which was first previewed in full during Ekali’s Electric Daisy Carnival Mexico set.

A truth that is immediately apparent: the rework takes Nitti Gritti outside of his raucous wheelhouse. The punching, aggressive bass and equally adrenaline-spiking elements that have so often lent sharp teeth to a Nitti Gritti production bow to a more ambient, melodic approach in the reinvention.

The future bass framework that Ekali and ILLENIUM first laid not only remains largely intact but also strengthens in potency on Nitti Gritti’s take, which amplifies the emotive character of the original. Rock-inspired guitar chords add a tactile edge to the smooth ascents, infusing hints of Nitti Gritti’s stylistic ruggedness in a spin that ventures beyond the producer’s usual conventions.