Novation and Aphex Twin have announced a new synth called AFX Station. It’s a new, custom-modded version of the famous Novation mono synth – the Bass Station II – with an ‘AFX Mode’. The AFX Mode was initially part of a firmware update last year, that was originally added in April 2019. Aphex Twin’s concept was to have a different set of parameters loaded to each key of the synth, meaning every key had a different sound, including drums. The update also adds fixed duration envelopes, extended sub-oscillator control and more to the mono synth. It comes after a summer of teasers and mystery promo posters around the world

With different parameters per key, it’s possible to create the trademark Aphex Twin timbre jumps and rapid sequencing he’s famous for, quickly exploring lots of different textures and tones. There are 128 new patches, a new purple design with AFX logo and a new editor to easily manage layers. 

The Bass Station II AFX will cost £333 and is available now.