Organisers of Downing Street rave stream raise £105,000 for homeless charity

A group who organised a “Downing Street rave” livestream have raised over £105,000 for the homeless charity, Shelter

DJ Jon Mancini organised a DJ livestream via Facebook, Twitch and Youtube on the 29th December and asked listeners to donate to the charity while tuned in. 

The idea for the online rave came after party organisers STREETrave made a Facebook event for a Christmas rave at number 10 Downing Street and 1.2M people responded. The hoax event was organised in response to news that broke at the start of December that claimed various Downing Street parties had taken place the previous Christmas. 

Recognising an opportunity to put a positive spin on the scandal, Mancini made a Just Giving page and announced that all donations would go to Shelter. 

In the description for the fundraiser Mancini wrote, “what started as a bit of a laugh (and still is) really went viral in a way we couldn’t have imagined and showed how pissed off we really are on some things in life at the moment. So we decided to do good with this event and turn it into something for charity and help others less fortunate in life.” 

Yesterday Mancini shared a certificate of recognition from Shelter on Facebook that confirmed they had raised a total of £104,867. He also shared a video from the team at Shelter thanking the event organisers and donors for their contributions. In the video, a representative for the charity said, “thanks to your donations it will allow us to keep picking up the phone and fight for everyone’s right to a safe and secure home.” 

You can watch the downing street rave livestream below. 

In December, the international dance music festival, Beats for Beds, also raised £10,000 for Shelter

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